A weekend at Lulu’s – Part two.

We took a small adventure to North Hampton, Massachusetts with Lulu’s lovely sister and her friend Marcel. Although I grew up in Massachusetts, I usually stayed towards the coast and never really ventured west. It was nice to visit such a quaint and beautiful New England town. The streets were lined with small shops and amazing food! luluday2-00692luluday2-00858luluday2-00711luluday2-00855luluday2-00856 Our first stop for our sleepy Saturday wanderings was a local Italian bakery where we indulged in cheesecake and coffee. luluday2-00707 luluday2-00706 luluday2-00700 luluday2-00694  luluday2-00696 luluday2-00697 luluday2-00698 luluday2-00704 luluday2-00699 Then we headed off to the Botanical Gardens at Smith College where they had the most incredible collection of plants from all parts of the globe. It was so beautiful. And the best part was, it was free! I always feel calm and at peace among the flowers and trees so it was nice to have that little bit of warmth and happiness on the cold winter day. There was so much to see and smell and take pictures of. It was magical. I fell in love with the lanterns. luluday2-00712 luluday2-00713luluday2-00854luluday2-00714luluday2-00715luluday2-00760luluday2-00756luluday2-00768luluday2-00773luluday2-00716luluday2-00717luluday2-00718luluday2-00747luluday2-00740luluday2-00750luluday2-00753luluday2-00754luluday2-00757luluday2-00761luluday2-00762luluday2-00763luluday2-00765luluday2-00766luluday2-00767luluday2-00769luluday2-00770luluday2-00771luluday2-00772luluday2-00774luluday2-00775luluday2-00776luluday2-00778luluday2-00780luluday2-00783luluday2-00786luluday2-00787luluday2-00789luluday2-00792luluday2-00793luluday2-00794 The tropical room was my favorite filled with palm and cacao trees! Just walking into the room caused my lens to fog up from the humidity. luluday2-00796luluday2-00797luluday2-00798luluday2-00799luluday2-00805luluday2-00808luluday2-00826luluday2-00828luluday2-00829luluday2-00830luluday2-00831luluday2-00832luluday2-00833luluday2-00839luluday2-00841luluday2-00844luluday2-00846luluday2-00849luluday2-00851 We ended the day at a lovely little noodle house for cups of hot green tea and wonderful bowls of tofu curry! luluday2-00859 luluday2-00862 And an exclusive before and after of my latest photo! before


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