I like cooking. I like taking pictures. I’m trying to teach myself to be better at Lightroom. So I made and canned pickles. The kitchen has the most amazing window light that keeps me inspired to keep taking photos.

pickles-00425pickles-00382pickles-00386 pickles-00387 pickles-00392 pickles-00396 pickles-00399 pickles-00400 pickles-00401 pickles-00402  pickles-00405 pickles-00406 pickles-00407  pickles-00413 pickles-00414 pickles-00415 pickles-00416

Mix well and let sit for three hours. So I cleaned up and put all the scraps in the compost pile!


Time to make the pickle juice!

pickles-00420pickles-00408 pickles-00409 pickles-00410 pickles-00435pickles-00432pickles-00436pickles-00434pickles-00446pickles-00449pickles-00448pickles-00461pickles-00476pickles-00473


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