Behind the scenes look at “Where She Lies”

Now that I’m off the road and back at home, I wanted to take the opportunity to give a bit of a behind the scenes look at my process. I’m staying in Maine for some time and I plan to take full advantage of it’s landscape. My beautiful Lulu Lovering came to stay for the weekend and we took a trip down to the town beach. I didn’t have a concept in mind when planning to go shoot, but as soon as I got to the boardwalk that takes us through the woods down to the beach, there was this lush moss with patches of light and I knew I didn’t want to waste the opportunity. So, wonderful Lu was kind enough to lay in the squishy moss for me.


After wandering around the scene trying to find the angle I preferred, I decided I wanted to work from a lower angle to capture the emotion in her face. When shooting the photo, I thought I wanted to bring out the reds and greens in the scene, but after taking it into Photoshop, I wanted to give a bit of a warmer feel to the photo to highlight the light on her face and make it seem more like sunset.

You can see how I edit my photos in this speed edit I put together.

My ultimate goal in creating any photo is to tell a story, draw attention to my model, and eliminate any distractions.



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