A Week on the Island of Kauai

Check out the talented Whitney Justesen’s perspective of our Hawaiian adventure! I couldn’t have asked for a better time.

The Roaming Photographer

Kauai was one of those experiences that you dream about years in the future, and you can still smell the ocean air and feel the warm breeze on your skin.

I had been planning this trip since last summer, and I couldn’t wait to spend some much needed relaxation time on the beautiful Hawaiian island. I hadn’t been to Kauai since I was a little girl, and there was so much I wanted to see and explore.

The trip started out a bit hectic, and long story short, I was given the choice to either not go to Kauai at all, or finding someone else to join me on my trip. So I put out the word on Facebook, and within a few hours, my friend Sarah had made plans to come with me to Kauai! I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Sarah and I have been friends for…

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So you want to be on a book cover – A guide.

So you want to be on a book cover. Perhaps you’ve seen other photographers accomplish this but you’ve never quite known how. Maybe you walk through the stores scrutinizing and studying every book. I know I did. It has always been a dream of mine to be on a book cover. Growing up, I was very shy and never had a lot of friends, so instead I read. Getting lost in each character was a comfort. I lived for the smell of the old paper pages. My favorites were used text books and poetry because you could get such an understanding of the previous owner by the writings in the margins.

536349_432018960156029_1977656461_n So how exactly do you go about getting your work on a book cover? When I was starting out I took to my book collection and made a list of publishing companies so I could start emailing them one by one. I wanted to see if there was an opportunity for me. I sent nearly thirty companies my portfolio and asked them for tips. The ones who did reply said all of their cover art is licensed through a stock agency. I’ve always tried to live under the philosophy of, if opportunities are not coming to you, go seek the opportunities. If you are at a point now where you don’t have a lot of exposure and you haven’t started receiving licensing requests on your own, joining a stock agency is a fantastic way get your work licensed relatively quickly. If I have thousands of photos laying around on my hard drives, why not put them out into the world and see if they will make me some money? Since I signed on with my agency in 2011, I have been published on nearly thirty book covers internationally.

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A stock agency is a go between for you and the client. You give the agency the rights to license your photos for you. Unlike in self licensing where you have to be your own lawyer, negotiator, and collector, the agency provides all of that for you. An agency is responsible in providing the clients, contracts, and pricing. All you have to do is upload your photos, keyword them, and wait for an email with an invoice for your payment. Easy stuff! However, they take a portion of the proceeds for their work unlike self licensing where you get 100% of the profits. But with self licensing, you have to wait for the client to find you.


Picking the right gallery. 

Percent – There are a few things I consider when trying to figure out if an agency will work for me. How much of a cut am I going to make? I’m not going to want to choose an agency that is going to give me 15% of the profits. I’m going to go with an agency that is going to give me half or better.

Selectivity – When you join a stock agency, you are giving an agency the right to license out your images on your behalf. In that, once your images are uploaded you don’t have a say on what they are going to be used for so long as the agency, and subsequently you, are paid. I’m more of a fine art photographer who has taken a lot of weird self portraits. I’m going to choose an agency that is going to specialize in book covers, album covers, and the like, instead of choosing more of an anything goes situation where my face could be used on a billboard advertising the latest in scientific advancement in feminine products or something equally as embarrassing. Unless you don’t care. Then more power to you.

Portfolio – Does your portfolio fit with the agency’s clientele? Are they selling for high end advertising? Are they selling to publishing companies for covers? Are they looking for shots of the latest news? What kind of work are they looking for? I want to maximize my potential for profit by putting the right pictures with the right agencies.

Your rights – I want to work with an agency that isn’t gong to take the rights to my photos. Just temporarily borrow them to license them for you, generally in a three year contract. Stock agencies should allow you to sell prints of your work, showcase in galleries, appear in magazine with your portfolio, and merchandising. To ensure exclusivity with the clients most agencies ask that you do not license an image via self licensing or upload same or similar images to other agencies.

Exclusivity – If you have uploaded a photo, you can not then sell that photo on your own or with another agency. This is to ensure to the client that when they purchase an image it will be only on that book in their country. Are you getting a lot of your own requests to license a particular photo? Don’t upload it. If it’s a personal piece you would like to have more control over. Don’t upload it. I’m always concerned about uploading my conceptual work with an agency because I get licensing requests on my own. So I’ve taken to uploading my travel and candid photos. Some agencies even take smart phone photos. Point being, if you have photos lying around, why not see if you can put them to work more effectively. Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 8.01.14 PM Marketing – How well does the agency market your work? Is your work accessible? I like to stick with the smaller more specialized agencies because my work has a better likelihood of being seen in an agency with 600 photographers, than an agency with 60,000.  MOSCD375_90s-Smooth-Grooves_1500 So after much careful consideration you’ve decided on an agency that is going to give you a fair share of the profits, is going to work well with your portfolio, and you are keeping the rights to your photos! Fantastic! Now, how to you increase your chances of your work being chosen by clients?

How to increase your chances. 

Upload often – The bigger your library the better you’ll do. You want to saturate the market. This will show the client and the agency that you are continuously updating your portfolio. The agency is going to want to market a photographer that is constantly bringing in new work. You’ll have a more diverse portfolio for clients to choose from.

Keywording – Keywording is the best opportunity you have to get your work seen by the clients. Increase you chance of discoverability by keywording effectively. If a client has a book about a girl on a swing, they are going to search for a girl on a swing. If your photo is of a girl, put girl. Is there a swing set? What is the mood of your photo? For example if I had a photo of a girl in the woods in a blue dress in the winter. I will keyword like: girl, alone, woman, alone, young, nature, forest, brunette, scared, eerie, scary, blue, dress, snow, ice, frozen, winter, dark, moody, mysterious. Anything I could possible use to describe the photo.  Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 8.46.38 PM Do your research – Go to the book stores, check out the new releases, and see what is selling. Keep up with the latest trends and be aware of what your agency is going to want.

Keep your releases on hand – You can upload photos without a release but there is a possibility it will dissuade the client due to liability. They don’t want a model coming to them with a lawsuit for the feminine product billboard just as much as you don’t. So make sure you have your permissions in line before you upload. IMG_6137 There are no words quite accurate to describe the feeling of walking into your local bookstore and having a little scavenger hunt to find your latest book cover. I love being able to hold something tangible in my hands and say, I had a part in this. It’s really fun when a book does well and you can see some of the promotional material. A self portrait of mine was licensed for a best seller that has sold more than 140,000 copies in the UK. I have photos I licensed on books being sold at Walmart. Posters of a book was life-size in a subway station in The Netherlands. It’s kind of a fun little thing.

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And a book even made it into a Kindle Fire commercial! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87K6PwKMEd4

The Wild Ones – From Boston to Vancouver.

I’ve been procrastinating on this blog post because I haven’t quite known what to say exactly. How do you sum up four months of your life? A friend of mine once told me, take your life and live it everywhere. I’ve been trying to live by that philosophy for the last few years. I don’t believe once in a lifetime moments have to be once in a lifetime. I believe every day can be an adventure. I travel endlessly and desperately. I crave those moments of sunsets in small towns in Iowa or watching the way the sun rises through the redwoods. I’m in love with collecting stories in those moments where everything seems so perfect. Travel does that to you. It changes you in the most unexpected way. It forces you out of your comfort zone and into the arms of the present moment. And in that present moment, is where you really live. I am thankful for this life and where it has taken me. I am thankful that photography has opened the doors of travel and opportunity. I am thankful for the ability to truly be able to do what I love. I am thankful for all of the friends and strangers that opened their homes to us. I am thankful to all those so eager to spend time with us. And I am forever thankful for the friendship of a few boys that would follow me to the edges of North America, just because we thought it would be a good idea.

Four month, 13 workshops, and nearly 15,000 planned.

Four month, 13 workshops, and nearly 15,000 planned.

I love my boys. Their friendship is something I’ve come to deeply treasure. They have become my family and my brothers. I would live every day over again if it meant I could watch the way Shane’s eyes lit up when he saw every mountain or the way my heart-felt to see such strength and assurance in Joel’s voice when he taught. I am endlessly proud of the strength of life and joy I have found in their company. In their strength I find my own. In their courage, I teach myself how to trust. I am proud of the community we have created and the bravery it took all of us to put our lives on hold for something we all believed in with our whole hearts. I’m not afraid anymore. I’ve learned to trust in myself and my brothers and answer adventure when it calls. Travel. It will change you. I promise.


In July I sold all my possessions, gave up my apartment, my job,  and 103 days to commit myself to this project we created together to road trip North America and give back to a community that has given us so much. Through nearly 15,000 miles, 34 states, three Canadian Provinces, 13 workshops, and 200 hundred students, I found a home in The Wild Ones. My life became sunrises in the redwoods and sunsets on the beaches of Hawaii. It became creating. It became sharing. It became inspiring. Every day was an adventure. And every day was an opportunity to show our students that their dreams and their adventures were achievable too. Ultimately, we aim to provide the foundation and confidence to teach our students dreams are reachable, if you allow yourself to work hard enough to achieve it. Our only wish is to see that light that turns on in our students when they realize, “hey, I can do this too!”

WIld Ones-0459

Hartford, Maine – July 8th – July 15th.

We started our journey on July 8th with the boys reaching our starting point in Maine. After nearly a year of planning, I was so excited to see all of our hard work come to life. I couldn’t believe the beginning was finally here. We spent a few days prop shopping, prepping last-minute details, and generally derping around before our workshop in Boston that weekend. We had found our home on wheels, Maureen, a few months before and started excitedly packing and pimping her our with all of our own little touches. Joel brought his Canadian Flag and small trinkets from his world tour. Rob dreamcatchers and colorful blankets. I brought with me a picture of my grandmother and a fortune from a cookie I affixed to the steering wheel saying, “You are a positive contribution to mankind.” Shane brought his headphones to drown out my terrible music choices. He’s not the sentimental sort. The day before we left for Toronto, we had decided to go bridge jumping. My cousin took us to the town river where we found ourselves surrounded by local teenagers and I discovered that I was afraid of heights. This is where I earned the name, “trip weenie.” I spent a good forty-five minutes trying to get the courage to jump off the twenty-foot bridge. Poor Joel was treading water the entire time hoping to get a good shot with his go-pro. But after last year’s Wild One’s bridge jump debacle where I bruised half of my body, I wasn’t about to do that again. As the sun was setting and the temperature was getting cooler, I finally found the courage to jump. And thankfully, I lived. It really wasn’t that high. I just don’t like the feeling of falling.

14380439279_6fde1ef0fa_o 14567060085_8a927d1214_o 14380361320_b7c9e2f301_o

We took on a project of homeless care packages to hand out to those in need along the way. They were filled with the necessities one might need if they were living out of a backpack; toiletries, nonperishable food items, hand warmers, first aid, and disposable camera with self-addressed stamped envelope where we invited them to shoot their lives and ship the camera off to be developed.


Our sponsors Flickr, Vanguard USA, Wacom, Roadtrippers, MILK Books, HGST, and Kingston Technology were very generous in prizes for our students and we couldn’t wait to start handing them out!


Props and clothing for the workshops!

14380365520_3bd9767567_o 14616606185_42b36e96ec_o

Thanks Mom for the photo!

Thanks Mom for the photo!

Boston, Massachusetts – July 11th – July 12th.

Our first workshop in Boston was held at the beautiful Arnold Arboretum. We were so pleased with this class. The energy was high and you could just feel the creativity coming from the students. It was an amazing way to start the tour with a class so eager and willing to learn. Some of our new friends even volunteered to lay in a small muddy stream for photos. I am always so inspired by the student’s team work and willingness to help their fellow photographer. But that’s Boston. Growing up in Massachusetts I’ve always felt a home in the beautiful historic city. And I was so proud of the community of New Englanders and more who came to the workshop.

14444710497_396f4d0bf1_o 14630664072_6530e95cff_o 14448139807_032492503f_o WIld Ones-984814632317045_0ff79f184a_o14632482354_a1003a205a_k14457989248_6617c47cae_h

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – July 15th – July 20th.

We said goodbye to my beautiful New England and headed for Toronto nervously excited for the months ahead. My sister had joined us for the first leg to be our intern extraordinaire, maker of coffee in the morning, built-in model, giver of hugs, and answering of emails…person. We made a quick stop at Niagara Falls, Canadian side, before making it to Toronto that night. Over the next few days we took to exploring what Toronto had to offer. I redeemed my “trip weenie” status when Joel and I took to the top of The CN Tower to walk the perimeter of it. At the top we joked about how we could see our workshop location from the top. After surviving the 160 story dangle from the tower, Joel took us around and showed us the sites. I was so excited to see Mr. Roger’s Trolley at CBC. We also spent time exploring the Canadian Badlands about forty minutes outside of the city. The lush red landscape and deep hills were breathtaking. Of course we were our usual selves joking around and performing a stunning rendition of The Lion King.

WIld Ones-9869 WIld Ones-9866 WIld Ones-9864 WIld Ones-9912WIld Ones-9883 WIld Ones-9887 WIld Ones-00626 WIld Ones-00695 WIld Ones-00739 the wild ones-0209  WIld Ones-992314487357178_e428170e7a_othe wild ones-0071 the wild ones-0113 WIld Ones-9942 WIld Ones-9938 the wild ones-0104 the wild ones-009414694843615_69ecca8c31_k

Toronto Island, Toronto – July 18th – 19th.

Our first international workshop! The workshop was held in the incredible parks of Toronto Island. The class gathered at the docks and we rode a ferry to island with the skyline of Toronto at our backs. The grass was so green and in true Canadian fashion, there were signs scattered throughout the park encouraging us to “please walk on the grass.” This was a busy class. From afternoon until sunset we were all running in every which way trying to keep up with the students. I was so impressed by the skill and creativity of this class. The work produced from the day has been amazing. On the sunset ferry ride back across the water I remember feeling so at peace with life. The sun was setting over Toronto and we all sitting side by side snapping photos and laughing about the day. Life was perfect.

WIld Ones-0316 WIld Ones-0318 the wild ones-0342  the wild ones-0355 the wild ones-0257 the wild ones-0252 the wild ones-0418 the wild ones-0379the wild ones-0264 the wild ones-0284 the wild ones-0449 the wild ones-0448the wild ones-044110496063_437038626436089_3568741950415514506_o

Ann Arbor, Michigan – July 21st and 22nd.

Michigan greeted us with warm temperatures and happy faces. After crossing the border back into America we made a pit stop to take a look at the great abandoned Michigan Central Train Station in Detroit before settling in for the night where we were staying. Here we were joined for the next three workshops by our temporary intern and contagious ball of love and energy, Carly. Carly was a joy to have on tour with us for that short time. We held our workshop in the forest haven of an arboretum. It was a bit hot that day, but the trees provided much-needed shade for our photos. This was a fun and creative bunch who really used the landscape to create some amazing pieces. The second day of our workshop was incredible and was hosted by one of our sponsors, Vanguard USA! Vanguard has been an incredible support this whole tour. The amount of equipment they have provided our students is priceless. It is an honor to find a company who truly believes in their customers and photographers.

WIld Ones-0476 WIld Ones-0523 lijfldfjadl-0689 lijfldfjadl-0687 lijfldfjadl-0609 lijfldfjadl-0526 lijfldfjadl-0785 WIld Ones-079210560473_438412789632006_4296090548732607002_o 14716733505_f0bdf45502_k 14538582779_d4f9345379_k

Columbus, Ohio July 23rd and 24th.

About forty minutes outside of Columbus lies a wonderful place you would not inherently picture as being in Ohio. Deep in the forests are some of the most beautiful caves I’ve ever seen. This is where we held our workshop, in Hocking Hills. We had been worried about rain that day, but the clouds passed right over leaving the most delicate natural light. This was not a hard class to motivate. They were always moving around trying to cram in as much shooting time as the sun would allow. They were such an eager bunch not afraid to try anything that came to mind.

WIld Ones-0971 WIld Ones-0933 lijfldfjadl-0890 lijfldfjadl-0912 lijfldfjadl-0938 lijfldfjadl-0945 lijfldfjadl-0948 lijfldfjadl-0976 lijfldfjadl-0981 lijfldfjadl-0841 lijfldfjadl-0949 lijfldfjadl-0986 lijfldfjadl-1024 WIld Ones-104614546335260_184dc78fa4_k 14596813090_b5baaa1ef3_k

Chicago, Illinois. July 25th – 29th.

Chicago treated us well. But I think that’s in part to our friends at Phlearn who were kind enough to host us for the few days we were there. If you are a photographer, you probably have heard of Phlearn. They provide the most incredible FREE videos giving you tips and techniques for Photoshop and photography. It was an honor to not only host the second day of our workshop at their studios, but to sleep there as well. It was inspiring to be in a place I had admired for so long. I started my career gaining so much information from their videos and I was so humbled to be able to share my own knowledge and experience in a place that allowed me to find my own voice. We spent a day adventuring around the city, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and seeing The Bean. That weekend we held the first day of our workshop at Morton Arboretum that came equipped with open fields, rock stairs, and even a hedge maze! I connected with this class on a person level. I found myself sitting next to some of the most inspiring souls two hours after the workshop had ended talking about life, passion, and what it means to be alive. As everyone was leaving that day, I knew I had made some friends for life.

lijfldfjadl-1390 lijfldfjadl-1331 lijfldfjadl-1329 WIld Ones-9 WIld Ones-8 the wild ones-0010 the wild ones-0009 lijfldfjadl-1265 lijfldfjadl-1234 lijfldfjadl-1220 lijfldfjadl-1217 lijfldfjadl-1196 lijfldfjadl-1190 lijfldfjadl-1184 lijfldfjadl-1123 lijfldfjadl-1103 lijfldfjadl-1099 lijfldfjadl-1307 lijfldfjadl-131110467145_440735022733116_6820556022607864938_o10524728_804317839599806_2759588715517169415_n

As we were leaving the city, it was mandatory that we made a stop to The Home Alone house for a bit of sidewalk shenanigans.


Creston, Iowa – July 29th – 21st.

On our way out west we made a three-day stop in the sleepy peaceful town of Creston, Iowa to visit some of my family. We slept on their front lawn in tents. We were the talk of the small town. People would stop them and ask if there were really people sleeping on their front lawn. When we had lunch at the most wonderful little cafe, they asked us if we were “the campers.” I was happy and amused to see that peaceful small town life. We went for walks and ate true Iowa corn and chased the sunset to a wind farm. It was one of my dreams to be able to stand underneath a turbine and I was so happy to fulfill that dream. On our way back to the house the moon was full over the rows of corn and all you could see for miles was fireflies. I felt so at peace in how beautiful life could be.

the wild ones-1973 the wild ones-1943 the wild ones-2029 the wild ones-1790 lijfldfjadl-3 lijfldfjadl-3-2the wild ones-2188 the wild ones-2169 the wild ones-2176 the wild ones-2207 the wild ones-2208 the wild ones-2201 the wild ones-2205 the wild ones-2210  the wild ones-2228 the wild ones-2282 the wild ones-2299

The Badlands, South Dakota – July 31st – August 2nd. 

Off we went to The Badlands, a place Shane and I had visited last year. We got to the park just in time for one of the most amazing sunsets you could ever hope to see. We scaled to the tops of the hills until we were all little silhouettes against the sun watching the sky explode into vivid pinks and yellows. I wish I could bottle that beauty to open up on sad days at home when I long for a small mountain to climb. I felt so small in the shadow of all that nature.

the wild ones-2315 the wild ones-5-4 the wild ones-2309 the wild ones-2312 the wild ones-2305 the wild ones-6-3 the wild ones-9-3 the wild ones-8-4 the wild ones-7-3the wild ones-2337

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota – August 2nd.

It was somewhere around Mt. Rushmore that we started to figure out we were making our way west the same week as the giant bike week at Sturgis, South Dakota. At every tourist stop we were surrounded by more bikers than you could ever possibly image. It was awesome. We met the best characters. We spent some time at Mt. Rushmore people watching to take our minds off how disappointing the national monument was.

the wild ones-10-3 the wild ones-6-2 the wild ones-5-3

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – August 2nd – 4th.

We celebrated Joely’s birthday with a delicious lunch of van tacos (a mixture of unheated refried beans, avocados, salsa, and some tortillas) and watching sunset at Mammoth before getting drunk on ice-cream and laughing into the night on the steps of a store as Yellowstone’s town closed down for the night. We got very lucky with scooping up the last camping spot at the very full park and set up our tents under the trees. We spent a day or so hiking around in the rain before deciding to take off early and make our way to Glacier! I hope one day to go back for a longer visit to Yellowstone to see more of the beauty it holds. I was instantly drawn to the tough and majestic bison that wandered around the park freely and had to buy myself a stuffed one to carry with me the rest of the journey.

the wild ones-2375 the wild ones-2365 the wild ones-2352 the wild ones-2347 the wild ones-8-3 the wild ones-05 WIld One glacier-06-2 the wild ones-2418 the wild ones-2421 the wild ones-2425 the wild ones-2412 the wild ones-09 the wild ones-10-4 the wild ones-07-2 the wild ones-06-2 the wild ones-2409 the wild ones-2396 the wild ones-2378

Missoula and Glacier National Park, Montana – August 6th – August 8th.

I feel instantly in love with Montana. Driving to our lovable host and wood elf Brad Wager’s house, we couldn’t help but pull the car to the side of the road at every overlook. It was amazing how big the mountains were and how vast and empty the landscape. With a few hours left until our destination, we pulled the car over on the side of the highway to watch the sunset on some farmland. I felt so thankful to exist in that moment.

When we got to Missoula we learned there was going to be a Sir Paul McCartney concert the next night. Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity, we climbed half a mountain to overlook the city and hear “Blackbird” echoing into the night. On our way back to Brad’s we kept joking about what a story that night in Missoula would be to tell to our grandkids. Then we were off to Glacier National Park. The last two years on tour, I’ve been to a vast majority of the National Parks. Glacier is my favorite. The famous Road to the Sun is as majestic and beautiful as they say. We were greeted with the bluest rivers and breathtaking views. We stopped at an overlook to watch the sun set and let Shane work his time-lapse magic.

The next day was spent hiking miles and miles into the wilderness. On our last day we hiked the boardwalk to Hidden Lake and were greeted there by curious and highly photogenic mountain goats. Mildly terrified by the wild creatures we kept a safe distance to snap some photos and  watched the sunset over the mountains. Joel, Amanda, and I returned to the car after sundown to eat snacks and watch Home Alone while Shane time lapsed the stars. the wild ones-2449the wild ones-2446WIld One glacier-10the wild ones-2434the wild ones-2466the wild ones-2436WIld Ones-0005 WIld One glacier-15 WIld One glacier-0006-2 the wild ones-2483 the wild ones-2512 WIld One glacier-0005-2 WIld One glacier--8 the wild ones- the wild ones--2 the wild ones--3 the wild ones-2618  the wild ones-2541 the wild ones-2550 the wild ones-2720  the wild ones-2702 WIld Ones--3 WIld One- the wild ones--7 WIld One--2 WIld One glacier- WIld One glacier--2 WIld One glacier--3 the wild ones-2641 WIld Ones-the wild ones-2675 the wild ones-2683 the wild ones-2698 the wild ones-2701

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada – August 9th and August 10th.

Banff was cold. But it was an incredible change in landscape from Glacier. Here we hiked around the bluest blue of lakes you could ever possibly image stunned to be in a place that was so picturesque. We rolled into town one night greeted by our friendly photographer host, Callum Snape, a campfire, a gaggle of traveling new friends, and a rude elk that was eating the neighbor’s front garden. Over the next few days we took some time to explore the town, the surrounding wilderness, and hike a few miles to a waterfall. That night we watched the stars at Lake Louise as the mountain cast a shadow over the reflection of the moon. Wrapped in layers of blankets it was bitterly cold but the feeling of such freedom and solitude was something that couldn’t be missed. I was able to get the full extent of how much work Shane puts into his time lapses. I appreciated being able to take a step in his shoes. As cold as it was he set up his dolly and let it run for an hour. He was so tired from the day hiking he kept nodding off on one of the benches. But still he sat out there watching over his setup. That sequence is going to be some of my favorite from the whole trip. Watching Shane work has taught me patience and dedication. If a shot required hiking 10 miles with 60lbs of gear, he’ll do it. He makes me feel lazy when I don’t want to step out the door and take a photo.

WIld Ones-0007 the wild ones-2724 the wild ones-2732 the wild ones-2734 the wild ones-2739 WIld Ones-00045WIld Ones-00556 the wild ones-2748 the wild ones-2761 WIld Ones-07 WIld Ones-9-2

Cranbrook, British Columbia – August 10th – August 12th.

Cranbrook is an amazing little town and hometown of our very own Joel Robison. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains you can’t turn your head in this town without a spectacular view. And the people are as kind as they ever could be. We made it to town greeted in the warmest possible way by Joel’s loving family that would be hosting us the next few days. We were all thankful for a few days of rest. Cranbrook is a beautiful town and we wanted to give back to the community, so in lieu of an admission fee, we hosted a workshop on donations to the local food bank. The beautiful people of Cranbrook raised $375 and three heaping bags of groceries for the food bank. We hosted our workshop in the same field Joel used to create his masterpieces. I was so excited to be in the same place Joel created. Even before we were friends, he has always been such a huge source of inspiration and it felt as though every blade of grass echoed with his creativity. I know it meant a lot to him to be able to teach in his own town in his own space and I was so proud of him for that day. With nearly fifty people, it would end up being the biggest workshop we’ve ever taught. We even made the local paper. WIld Ones-05 lijfldfjadl-2857 WIld Ones-011 lijfldfjadl-012 lijfldfjadl-0005 lijfldfjadl-00806 lijfldfjadl-005 the wild ones-007 WIld Ones-08 WIld Ones-06 1414513908037  

Vancouver, British Columbia – August 18th – 24th. 

After Cranbrook we spent a few days at a Flickr gathering outside of Vancouver. I lost a memory card and didn’t take many other pictures on the island. Just spent most of my time resting and enjoying the company of my friends.

We made our way to Vancouver after the meet up to pick up the Canadian winner of our intern contest, Matthew. At the beginning of the tour we urged our viewers to create videos of their lives for a chance to win an all expenses paid trip with us. Matthew’s video impressed us and we were delighted to have him on tour with us.

You’ve probably heard of our host for the week, the insanely talented Elizabeth Gadd and her family. The Gadd Clan is everyone’s perfect Canadian family. There are fables and folklore written on the extent of their kindness. They take in all the stray photographers passing through with kind smiles, warms hugs, sing-a-longs, and pie. We love the Gadds. When I grow up, I want to be like the Gadds. I have never seen a more supportive and loving family. I have never felt so much at home in a place so far away from home.

We spent a few days before the workshop exploring the local forests and waterfalls with Lizzy and her trusty sidekick, Pepper who was always close by. We had insanely cheap sushi and wandered the parks of Vancouver and watched movies cozy and warm at the Gadd’s. We hosted our last Canadian workshop of the tour at the gorgeous Alouette Lake outside of Vancouver. We had a small but delightful group of photographer’s join us for a couple of days of creative fun. I even got to model underwater for one of the students and her go pro. We had a lot of fun touring the woods and climbing giant trees to get the best picture. I was inspired by this classes dedication and attentiveness.

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Our intern, Matthew. Photo by Joel Robison.

Our intern, Matthew. Photo by Joel Robison.


If you have made it this far, bless your heart. For length’s sake I’ve decided to split this blog post into two pieces. The first two months of the tour was filled with beautiful landscapes, loving students, and creating friendships that would last us the next two months on tour. Up next is Portland, Hawaii, Colorado, and all of the east coast!

A weekend at Lulu’s – Part two.

We took a small adventure to North Hampton, Massachusetts with Lulu’s lovely sister and her friend Marcel. Although I grew up in Massachusetts, I usually stayed towards the coast and never really ventured west. It was nice to visit such a quaint and beautiful New England town. The streets were lined with small shops and amazing food! luluday2-00692luluday2-00858luluday2-00711luluday2-00855luluday2-00856 Our first stop for our sleepy Saturday wanderings was a local Italian bakery where we indulged in cheesecake and coffee. luluday2-00707 luluday2-00706 luluday2-00700 luluday2-00694  luluday2-00696 luluday2-00697 luluday2-00698 luluday2-00704 luluday2-00699 Then we headed off to the Botanical Gardens at Smith College where they had the most incredible collection of plants from all parts of the globe. It was so beautiful. And the best part was, it was free! I always feel calm and at peace among the flowers and trees so it was nice to have that little bit of warmth and happiness on the cold winter day. There was so much to see and smell and take pictures of. It was magical. I fell in love with the lanterns. luluday2-00712 luluday2-00713luluday2-00854luluday2-00714luluday2-00715luluday2-00760luluday2-00756luluday2-00768luluday2-00773luluday2-00716luluday2-00717luluday2-00718luluday2-00747luluday2-00740luluday2-00750luluday2-00753luluday2-00754luluday2-00757luluday2-00761luluday2-00762luluday2-00763luluday2-00765luluday2-00766luluday2-00767luluday2-00769luluday2-00770luluday2-00771luluday2-00772luluday2-00774luluday2-00775luluday2-00776luluday2-00778luluday2-00780luluday2-00783luluday2-00786luluday2-00787luluday2-00789luluday2-00792luluday2-00793luluday2-00794 The tropical room was my favorite filled with palm and cacao trees! Just walking into the room caused my lens to fog up from the humidity. luluday2-00796luluday2-00797luluday2-00798luluday2-00799luluday2-00805luluday2-00808luluday2-00826luluday2-00828luluday2-00829luluday2-00830luluday2-00831luluday2-00832luluday2-00833luluday2-00839luluday2-00841luluday2-00844luluday2-00846luluday2-00849luluday2-00851 We ended the day at a lovely little noodle house for cups of hot green tea and wonderful bowls of tofu curry! luluday2-00859 luluday2-00862 And an exclusive before and after of my latest photo! before

A weekend at Lulu’s.

Lulu is the best kind of friend. The kind of friend you can show up at her door crying and she will welcome you in with hugs, kitties, tons of vegetarian snacks, and honey lavender tea. The kind of friend that will color in coloring books with you and watch reruns of The Golden Girls and will let you cry for hours if you needed to. I am so thankful to have such a strong female figure in my life. Her cute Vermont apartment is warm and sunny and filled with things so uniquely Lu. I took the back roads the four hours from Maine to Vermont and was so happy to see it took me through the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.


The sun sets through the windows in the living room creating the most beautiful light rays.


In Lulu’s backyard are the cutest horses. She fed them carrots and I got to pet them.


Chippy was a bit of a bum biter.


And right across the street there is a farm with sheep and alpaca!

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I don’t think they like me very much.


Lulu really is something special. She is a breath of pure joy with one of the bravest most kindest of hearts.